Population: 9,000 to 11,000

Demographics: 70% Human, 15% Halfling, 15% Other

Region: The Moorland


Borgalia is a fledgling citystate, founded some seventy five years ago. The first Earl of the Moorland, Jerrin Borgan rallied the surrounding villages against a tidal force of goblins pouring from the Angrolan Foothills. The goblins, starving from months of famine, swarmed the countryside in search of food. Jerrin united some twenty villages ((including Urmire, Welmire, and Pekrin)) and with a force of roughly 50 cavalry and 150 infantry, defended the Moorland from ruin.

As payment for his heroic deeds, Borgan requested a plot of land and the help of the villages in the construction of a castle from which he could watch over the land he helped to protect. Though he never saw it’s completion, his daughter, Marrine Borgan, named the city Borgalia after her father. Marrine Borgan’s great grandson Jerrin Hereward III now serves as Borgalia’s Earl.

Other information

  1. Borgalia has a small standing army. The closest military force is over 100 miles away.


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