The March of Angrofel

The Grand Inquisitor's Request

Having arrived at the Cathedral of Urmire, the adventurers discovered Grand Inquisitor Patriq’s situation. Five weeks earlier members of the brotherhood who tended to the Wilmire Mill recieved a piece of vellum slipped under the door inscribed with a rune. The priests then failed to return to the Cathedral. Two weeks later, the Urmire Prefect failed to return from his investigation. A week ago, Patriq recieved a similar sheet of vellum.

Through research, Patriq discovered that the rune is called The Death Mark and found that it was used by the Xora’horim Magi, a mysterious and extinct order of wizards. It was delivered to individuals before they were assassinated by the magi. With Patriq’s Death Mark came a dagger, the hilt was crafted to resemble a tentacle and points toward some sort of Illithid worship. Psychic impressions on the dagger led to the same conclusion.

After accepting Patriq’s request, the adventurers set out in the rain along the western road to the Wilmire Mill to investigate the missing priests. They soon encountered a pack of wolves led by a Direwolf. To their suprise, the wolf had the power of speech. It warned the adventuruers about the power they face. On the road behind the wolves was a rider clad in black who stayed only long enough to be sure the adventurers encountered the wolfpack.

Continuing, the adventuruers came to a fork where they discovered the tracks of the rider appeared as if they met with a second set of tracks which eventually led north toward Borgalia. The rider continued west toward Wilmire. Just beyond the fort, the travellers found a mud covered kobold who decided to join them on their adventure.

Just after nightfall, the adventuruers came upon the mill.



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