The March of Angrofel


Keldrin, the land of shattered empires and fallen civilizations, has seen better years. Miles of highways once guarded by the armies of nobel kings have long since lapsed into disrepair, reclaimed by the wilderness they once conqured. Bastions of civilizations dot the landscape, from the Dwraven stronghold of Uldrag’thun in the mountains of the Northern Reach to the Last Great City of Torviir near the shores of the Evermist Lake in eastern Keldrin.

The story begins on the outskirts of Urmire, as each of five adventurers make their way to the Cathedral of Ioun. Umire had once been the location of a grand univsersity, but is now no more than a small hamlet on the outskirts of ruins. It’s one last tresure is the Cathedral, and the libraries rumored to be kept deep within its vaults. You have recieved a mysterious summons from the Grand Inquisitor Patriq requesting your presence. The letter arrived by courier and reads as follows:

“Dear Adventurer,

The skills you posess are required at the Umire Cathedral. You come highly recommended. Should you make the journey, the priesthood would make it worth your while. Cannot disclose more information. Come to Umire and all will be revealed.

Ioun bless us, Aluven Patriq Grand Inquisitor”



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